High quality cabin for rent in Levi - rent Kelounelma  

Kelounelma has two apartments available for rental, each with 130 square meters on two floors. Each apartment can accommodate up to 9 people. Kelounelma A and B can therefore allow groups of up to 18 people to spend time together. Each apartment has 4 bedrooms, a large soapstone stove log sauna, 2 toilets, beds for 9 people and tableware for 12 diners. The apartments offer high quality accommodation (Levi quality class Q4), for both individuals and businesses. Each apartment is fully equipped, including normal daily consumables.

The rental cabin is tastefully decorated

The apartments are fully equipped using high quality materials. The interior is designed to respect the spirit of Lapland traditions. The dry wood ceilings and walls of the building are in keeping with its spirit.

Kelounelma A is the blue side, with a blueish tone to its interior. Kelounelma B is decorated in red tones. The furniture, textiles, and tableware are designed to be compatible.

Spacious solutions

There is a bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs, with two single beds in each room. The ground floor has one bedroom and a high, spacious living room, with a kitchen suitable for the most demanding cooking. The glazed living room fireplace provides ambiance and warmth in the darkness of the polar night. Downstairs there is also a sauna, WC, and dressing room. The downstairs bedroom has a 120 cm wide bed and also a loft bed. The bathroom has a washing machine and tumble dryer, and there is a drying cupboard in the hallway.

Other features include a big TV with home theatre support, and a WLAN network.

Experience the true Kelo scent

As soon as you enter Kelounelma, you will notice the smell of real Kelo wood. The sauna walls are of dry Kelo wood while the benches are of alder and made by a skilled carpenter. The heat and steam are provided by a powerful 10.5 kW soapstone heater. The kitchen will allow you to prepare anything from sautéed reindeer to gingerbread. As well as a spacious refrigerator, you will find a freezer, microwave oven, and everything else you need to cook for as many as 12 people at once.

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