Cabin rental in Levi - gorgeous Kelounelma in Unelmarakka, Levi

Are you looking for a comfortable cabin in tranquil and beautiful natural surroundings? Services offered by  Levi-Onnenpolku 11 Oy include cabin rentals. We offer a fine Kelo log cabin at Onnenpolku 11, Unelmarakka, Levi. The cabin is available for rent by individuals and businesses.

Kelounelma - experience the genuine atmosphere of Lapland and a Kelo wood cabin.

The building exudes dignity and good, integrated architecture. You will love spending time in the cozy ambience of Kelounelma. From the windows of the cabin, you can look south over the floodlit northeastern ski slope. In spring and summer, the sun shines warmly on the terrace, where you can enjoy the après-ski or after golf atmosphere. The storage building in the yard offers space for ski maintenance and for drying and storing equipment.

Extensive leisure facilities in tranquil surroundings

Kelounelma is in a quiet location, but close to amenities and activities. The beautiful scenery of Levi offers several forms of recreation.

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